Goat Gouda- Polder

Origin: Holland

Milk Type: Goat’s Milk



Polder Goat Gouda is a tasty cheese that everyone will enjoy. It has a creamy and mild flavor and a smooth texture. Its mild flavor is the result of a unique recipe and the deliciously juicy grasslands of the Dutch Polder that the goats feed upon. It complements any food it's eaten with and can also be enjoyed on its own.

  • Weight: One piece is approx. 9-10 oz. **If you are purchasing 2 or more, the cheese can be cut in one whole piece or individual 9-10 oz pieces. (Ex. : Qty 3- cut in a 1.75 lb. pc or three 9-10 oz. pcs.) Please specify in special instuctions upon checkout.
Goat Gouda- Polder
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